Content Creation General Process
Our Content Creation unit conceptualises, develops and produces customised mixed media presentations specifically for the Oracle 360° Projection Domes and any surface for that matter. Our forte and niche is in the production of non-standard content that are not offered by most production houses.

The in-house creatives, engineers and producers work closely with client's briefs to maximise the impact of large format multimedia or other platforms marketed by Oracle Projects International. Our deep understanding of the latest, cutting-edge technologies ensure that our content brings life to any branding message.

Motion + Technology
Creative + Substance

Post Production - Green Screen

. beyond HD

We eat HD for breakfast...
1280 pixels? 1920 pixels? How about 10,000 pixels!
Oracle Projects is a specialist designer and producer of 360 video content. Our distributed computing system allows us to develop content at 4x HD resolution and play this seamlessly in our 360 dome theaters.

Full HD previews are rendered for clients during the production process.

Content Strip

. 3D simulations

Because seeing is believing...
Post Production - Green Screen

Our working philosophy in particular within the process, allows for the constant injection and adoption of new technologies to our body off work. And by merging motion and technology, creative and substance, the final outlook is very important. That's why we also specialize in 3D simulation to give client a clearer picture of what their investment would entail. Detailed simulation would save a lot of time and effort in achieving the desired result.

. special effects & post-production

Have effects will travel...
Post Production - Green Screen

Our team comprised of experienced artists from all over the world that treats every project as an artwork. From green screens to digital airbrushes; we have worked on various post-production projects for numerous world-class event, such as Volkswagen Das Auto Show, G20 Seoul Summit, BMW 3D Hologram to name a few.

Post Production - Green Screen

With the intellectual properties ownership of these events, the possibility awaits to take this entertainment beyond Singapore.


The bigger they are...
The harder we'll film...
Large Format Filming

  As a direct result of creating content for the Oracle 360° Projection Dome, we work with state-of-the-art filming equipments to cater the huge pixel requirements. We shoot natively in 4k and 8k environment that is totally crucial in bringing detail when projected onto a huge surface. Our experience in handling high-end cameras will bring justice to any location.

. 360 degrees filming
Post Production - Green Screen

To fully complement our dome, we primarily film in 360 degrees. This type of filming is crucial when a specific location simulation is required by the client. When projected onto the dome, it creates an immersive visual experience like no other. Filming in 360 degrees requires a lot of careful planning and technical consideration that we're accustomed to.

. art + technology
Post Production - Green Screen

Though technology is what we're made of, art is what drives us. We're artist first, and as such we always dream the impossible and work on the technology that can make it a possibility. What seperates us from other production houses are our rooted knowledge of both 'the brush and the canvas' to put it metaphorically.

Audio Mastering

To create a successful immersive experience, both sight and sound have to be in unison. We believe strongly that custom content needs custom scoring and we provide a one-stop solution to all of the above. We also engage professional composers to bring emotion to the whole presentation for a more vivid and captivating outcome.

.in-house audio mastering
Recording Studio

As we deal with 360° projection, so must the audio be. Surround sound is crucial in making everything that you see around you sound relatively to where they are. With our digital mastering expertise, we ensure a dynamic and crystal clear audio quality.